Liza’s Space

Life is full of hurdles, we go through periods of calmness and then something comes along that knocks us sideways. It might be a significant loss, the death of a loved one, serious illness or anything in fact that breaks us into what seams like little pieces and prevents us from functioning as we once did. We are all capable of losing sight of who we are, it can feel like falling without anything to hold onto, feeling like we are out of control and unable to make the simplest of decisions. During these periods it can be hard to believe we will ever recover and enjoy life again.

Grief and loss of any kind bring with them feelings of sadness and pain. It is hard to come to terms with a loss and realise that we can move forward. At times like this we might question our very existence, the point of going on and feel we are little value to the world. We might feel we cannot continue to function without an individual or life as we knew it. The future can seem like a frightening place.

These are periods of crisis that will not just go away without us taking care of ourselves. For me that means looking after our bodies and minds in the first instance. Recovery takes bravery and strength and we have to ensure that we are in a place in which we are able to start the journey.

Having worked for the last 17 years in therapeutic services with young people who have suffered abuse in their early lives I understand the impact of trauma on the body and mind. I recognise the need to provide a space for recovery, a safe space that allows for reflection and healing. This coupled with my spiritual understanding and beliefs allows me to bring together my knowledge of physical and mental development with that of the spiritual side to work with the whole person.

I hope this blog will be that space for those suffering trauma to begin to recover. Whether it be through articles I write or direct contact I want to be able to help in some way. I want to be able to help you heal and see a brighter future.